Lakeview Vidal Ice Wine

制造商 湖景酒庄
葡萄品种 维代尔
酒 精 度 11.0%Vol (年份2011,2010,2007); 10.5%Vol (年份2005)
净 含 量:375ml
保 质 期: 12年
品鉴指南:此款冰酒是由12月间温度在-10℃到-14℃时采摘的维代尔葡萄所酿制。冰酒呈美丽的金黄色,丰富的杏和蜂蜜的气味,并萦绕着新鲜桃子的芳香。 饮用后,能品尝出更复杂的蜂蜜、成熟热带水果和荔枝的味道,轻微的酸橙味道很好的平衡了冰酒的甜度。饮用前冰镇至12°C。

Product Description

Lakeview Vidal Ice Wine/湖景VQA维代尔白冰酒


Gold Medal, 13th MUNDUS VINI Great International Wine Awards 2013, Germany, 2013年德国MUNDUS VINI国际葡萄酒大赛金奖
Gold Medal, IceWine du Monde, 2013. 2013年世界冰酒赛金奖
Gold Medal, All Canadian Wine Championships, 全加拿大葡萄酒赛金奖
Manufacturer:Lakeview Winery
Grape varieties:Vidal
Alcohol:11.0% Vol (Year 2011,2010,2007); 10.5% Vol (Year 2005)
Net weight:375ml
100% grape juice content original
Storage methods😀ark and Lying down
Shelf life:12 Years
Tasting Guide: This ice is harvested between December temperatures in the -10 ℃ to -14 ℃ dimension Lauderdale growing grapes. Ice wine was a beautiful golden yellow, rich smell of apricot and honey, and lingering aroma of fresh peaches. After drinking, you can enjoy a more sophisticated honey, ripe tropical fruit and lychee flavors, a slight lime flavor good balance sweetness of ice wine. Before drinking iced to 12 ° C.


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