French Dual care organic donkey milk Soap-Red vine



紅葡萄中含有一種物質具有獨特的抗老化性能、淡斑、去死皮、滋润肌肤、清除毛孔污垢与油脂,促进血液循环、活化肌肤、防止过敏等效果紅葡萄直接應用在皮膚上,可以減少 老化的跡象,也可以改善皮膚的保濕。红葡萄还具有防辐射的功效,对长期使用电脑和手机的人非常有效。紅葡萄給你的皮膚柔軟和甜蜜的香味。是一個去角質磨砂皂。

驢奶中含有大量的脂肪酸和維生素A,B1,B2,B6, D,C,E。是一個非常特別的組合,所以它能有效地針對問題皮膚,有淨化和修復的效果。對乾燥皮膚,皺紋特別有效, 濕疹皮膚也有一定的幫助。


磨砂: 每週使用2-3次,以紅葡萄那面揉搓身體各部位,有去死皮,重塑輪廓作用。用打圈動作,尤其是在腹部和大腿的脂肪,能刺激血液循環。然後用清水沖洗,可用 肥皂的第二面 (白色面) 全身再洗一次。 驢奶,由於其獨特的成分維生素E有助於立即補充皮膚水分。以及緩和皮膚乾燥,馬上使皮膚更 柔軟。




Product Description

French Dual care organic donkey milk Soap-Red vine


Red vine contains a substance which has unique anti-aging properties. It can be applied directly on the skin to help reduce the visible signs of aging and can also improve skin’s hydration. Red vine give a soft and sweet fragrance to your skin. This is an exfoliating soap. Donkey milk has concentrated benefits for skin care health and beauty. Biochemical analyses provide insights into its dermatological role. The donkey milk contains many fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, C, E. Due to its exceptional qualities, donkey milk nourishes, hydrates and restores worn and dry skin, helps prevent wrinkles and skin aging, and is effective against skin conditions related to nervous disorders such as stress. It can also sooth eczema.


Scrub: Use 2-3 times a week, to rub the body with the red vine side; there are peeling and firming effects. With circular movements, especially in the abdomen and thigh fat, can stimulate blood circulation. Then rinse with water. With the second side of the soap (white side) wash once to obtain the hydrating skin effect. Donkey milk, because of its unique ingredients vitamin E helps to moisturize skin, and ease dry skin, immediately make the skin sleek.

Donkey milk white side can be used every day.



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