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獨有的雙面驢奶/玫瑰花瓣香氛皂,含有豐富維生素及驢奶。它適合所有皮膚類型。 玫瑰花的天然活性物質,具有顯著的特性,它的功效和作用已經得到科學證明。已成為許多護膚品的成分。它能令肌膚回復青春及光彩,使細胞再生。 雙重護理有機驢奶玫瑰花香氛皂能淨化,保濕,美白;可以對抗橘皮組織,去角質。抗衰老,促進細胞再生,使皮膚更 柔軟潤滑。驢奶由於其獨特的成分維生素E有助於立即補充皮膚水分。以及緩和皮膚乾燥,馬上使皮膚更 柔軟,逐渐淡化面部斑痕、痘印、平衡肤色,促进皮肤细胞再生并有效延缓衰老。


磨砂: 每週使用2-3次,以玫瑰花瓣那面揉搓身體各部位,有去死皮,重塑輪廓作用。用打圈動作,尤其是在腹部和大腿的脂肪,能刺激血液循环。然後用清水沖洗,可用肥皂的第二面 (白色面) 全身再洗一次獲滋潤肌膚的效果。



Product Description

French  organic donkey milk Soap- donkey milk / rose petals

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(body and face)

Using the famous method of Marseille handmade soap, an unique double-sided donkey milk / Rose petals Soap contains rich vitamins and donkey milk. It is suitable for all skin types. Rose natural active substances with significant features, its benefits for the skin have been scientifically proven. Rose is used in many skin care ingredients. It rejuvenates skin cell.

Dual Care Organic Rose Petals Soap donkey milk can purify, moisturizing, whitening the skin. It can fight cellulite, is good for exfoliation, anti-aging and leave the skin softer.


Scrub: Use 2-3 times a week, to rub the body with the rose petals side; there are peeling and firming effects. With circular movements, especially in the abdomen and thigh fat, can stimulate blood circulation. Then rinse with water. With the second side of the soap (white side) wash once to obtain the hydrating skin effect. Donkey milk, because of its unique ingredients vitamin E helps to moisturize skin, and ease dry skin, immediately make the skin sleek. Donkey milk white side can be used every day.



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